Important update. Seriously. This is HUGE.

As some of you will have read, my official nickname, bestowed by my young son, is “Mommy of the Future.”

Or rather – it was.

We were at a park in Beverly Hills, perhaps fittingly, when he informed me that I was no longer the Mommy of the Future.

Because I have a new nickname.

You may have to steel yourself for this one.

Do you have a snack? A stiff drink?

At least take a few deep breaths.


“King of Heaven.”

I was going to stress that I did not make this up, but I think you probably know I am not capable of making this up.

The only explanation I can get is that I’m taller than him, even when he stands on things. That’s not really sufficient, is it?

Anyway, if you have anything you need or want, let me know. I might consider it.

3 Comments  to  Important update. Seriously. This is HUGE.

  1. Keith says:

    This prompted me to begin signing up a “godemperorofnewyork” Twitter account, but it’s just too many characters out of the 140.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I would have thought a God Emperor would be capable of great succinctness.