June, 2007

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To the five people who read here even though I haven’t really told people about this yet:


I’ve been gone for a while because (a) my computer died, but as they didn’t recognize that fact for some time at the repair shop, I was without a computer for three weeks; (b) even when I am with computer, I am also with useless hotel internet connection, so my online time is let’s just say abridged; (c) I lost all my bookmarks, including the one that allowed me to post to this blog; (d) oh yeah, and I’ve been slowly working my way through the 1700 unfiltered emails that accumulated in my absence.

But now I have a nifty new MacBook thanks to my mommy, and a week from now we will be living in an apartment and not having to deal with hotel anything. Yes, we finally got a place – it’s in Altadena, which I’m kind of excited about. It’s kind of cool historically, and it’s just a crazy mix of people and stuff – for example, one street features a punching-bag store and a pastrami restaurant facing each other. If we didn’t have to take things like commutes into consideration, we’d definitely want to live more toward LA proper, but this place could be fun.

Anyway, I have a lot more to tell you, but I need to work on moving for the next few days. I’ll probably be back next week. Maybe I’ll even have time to work on the layout here – I swear I never intended to have two duplicate columns down the right and the left for more than a day or two!