July, 2007

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Scratch that last update.

Yeah, that whole we’re-moving-to-Altadena thing? Did not so much happen. We’re in Alhambra instead – bright side, it’s a much nicer (read cleaner) apartment, and it’s got some groovy midcentury fixtures I’m quite fond of. It shares a lot of the qualities that had me so smitten with Altadena (many of which I believe are completely attributable to both towns’ Route-66-adjacent location), and it’s closer to the 10 than the 210, which puts us closer to many of our favorite people and places. Hey, that’s a lot of bright side – what’s my problem? Oh. Right. We don’t know if we’ll get any of our first month’s rent back on the other place.

Anyway, we are not even remotely unpacked, and I’ve had some rather surprising/time-consuming events in my usually low-key part-time web design gig, and W. went through an extremely unpleasant phase that I blame on his being almost 3 in general, his making some major developmental leaps, and then that whole moving for the second time in six months issue. But today he was back to his charming self, and even allowed several boxes to be unpacked without ugly incident, lovely child.

I realize this is the least entertaining entry ever, and I do apologize – this one’s just for the people who check in for the facts. More soon!