February, 2009

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How many posts I have in draft now.


I keep reading them over and thinking I sound like Grandpa Simpson. Which is not my intention.

I’ll be back soon, promise. In the meantime, who’s watching The Amazing Race? Looks like a good one this year. I’m fully rooting for Mike and Mel White, but there are a couple other teams I could easily get behind if tragic circumstance decreed that necessity.

And on American Idol, I’m behind Adam Lambert, who is not really my sort of thing musically but is so over-the-top good at his sort of thing that I have to admire it.

Let’s talk TV. Save me from old-codger rantiness. I’d do it for you.

New site, and what happens when you raise your child around creative types and heathens.

Hi! I keep writing complicated posts and thinking, “Oh, this will take forever, let me just write a short one,” and then that takes forever and… well, let’s just say my dashboard looks like those Russian nesting dolls now.

But what I *did* manage to do is build a new little site; it’s called Waterloo Sunset and is a tribute to the song of the same name. I’m rather pleased with it.

This morning, W. and I were playing in the courtyard of a closed museum down the street. Across the street, a church service let out.

“Mommy, are those Presidents?”
“Presidents? No, they’re people leaving church.”

[After a minute]
“Why did you think they were Presidents?”
“Because they’re wearing President clothes.”

President clothes.

I am so pleased with that.