How many posts I have in draft now.


I keep reading them over and thinking I sound like Grandpa Simpson. Which is not my intention.

I’ll be back soon, promise. In the meantime, who’s watching The Amazing Race? Looks like a good one this year. I’m fully rooting for Mike and Mel White, but there are a couple other teams I could easily get behind if tragic circumstance decreed that necessity.

And on American Idol, I’m behind Adam Lambert, who is not really my sort of thing musically but is so over-the-top good at his sort of thing that I have to admire it.

Let’s talk TV. Save me from old-codger rantiness. I’d do it for you.

One Comment  to  How many posts I have in draft now.

  1. Allie Raymond says:

    NINE Grandpa Simpson-style drafts? Roll them out!! C’mon. Your public awaits!

    Um… so the old-codger rantiness isn’t about TV, then? Well, that’s a good sign. It means you have something to rant about in an old-codgerly manner OTHER than TV – so there is hope! There is still a distance to go down the old-codgerly slope. I really didn’t mean for that to rhyme. Sorry.