Displaying a surprising grasp of marketing…

The lyrics to the song that W. composed to avoid eating dinner tonight:

Zo-e wanna be Elmo
Zo-e gotta be Elmo
ELmo gotta beeeeeeeeeeee…. ELmo!

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One Comment  to  Displaying a surprising grasp of marketing…

  1. Mark Bacino says:

    Hey Elizabeth,

    Saw your post on Audities & clicked over to your blog. As a musician/stay-at-home dad (I have a 2yr old son) I enjoyed reading your posts. Re: your piece on Elmo, check out this link if you have a moment -


    It’s a new track I just finished called “Camp Elmo”. It’s a kind of tongue ‘n cheek poke at the rigors of being a new parent. Given your sensibilities, I thought you might get a laugh out of it.

    All the Best,