For those of you playing along at home

I’m messing around with the template here, so if you happen to get here at a moment when it’s hideous or baffling or weirdly redundant, odds are it won’t stay that way. The layout, that is. The text is probably here to stay.

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4 Comments  to  For those of you playing along at home

  1. jodiroadie says:

    I’ll be back in the office next week if you don’t get this template thing straightened out…we can discuss! :-)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! I think I just worked my way through the part that was actually screwed up and am now down to the merely tedious work, but I’m sure I’ll have more questions by the time you get back! ;-)

  3. jodiroadie says:

    Looks nice in this color. This is the template I used on my Sarcastic Fringehead test blog. Yay YOU!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    And that, m’dear, is exactly why I used it – it was already on the server and it was reasonably basic, so I figured it’d be my best shot at getting to 3 columns with the least confusion. Thanks!