April, 2007

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Rebel rebel.

Today, over lunch, while his dad was flipping channels:


“You want to watch golf?”

“I wanna watch people talking about golf.”

My first thought was, “How could someone have mixed up babies at the hospital when he was with me the whole time?”

My second was, “Well, at some point kids need to find a way to rebel against everything their parents hold dear. Such as NOT WATCHING PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT GOLF.”

Ralph’s World SoCal dates

Hey! Looks like the Ralph’s World tour is coming back to the House of Blueses West Hollywood and Anaheim on their (his?) Rice Krispies/HoB-sponsored tour. (I’ve gotta think that’s a sponsorship pairing that doesn’t come up too much, but we went to both shows on the first leg and I can guarantee you you will in fact see Snap, Crackle, and Pop right there on the stage.)

What is Ralph’s World, you ask, those of you who don’t watch Playhouse Disney or have any musician friends in the greater Chicago area?

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Two and a half.

As of today, W. is officially two and a half years old. He celebrated in the grand toddler tradition of being completely adorable and hilarious for 3/4 of the day and fraying his parents’ last good nerves for the other quarter.

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Well, hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Things are fairly embryonic at the moment, but I’m working on it; big thanks are due to the lovely Jodi for helping me out with Movable Type.

It’s hard to believe I haven’t been doing this for ages, given my affinity for such things as bragging about my child, spending way too much time on the Internet, and writing in general; also, I generally hop on new tech-related trends well before the New York Times completely misunderstands them, and in the case of parenting blogs (some of my favorite people are “mommy bloggers,” but that doesn’t mean I’m required to use the term nonironically – does it?) I’m at least a year late. Hi. I had a baby. I may never be cutting-edge again. I’m OK with that.

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning what I’m planning to do here, the rest of this entry will explain.

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