Ralph’s World SoCal dates

Hey! Looks like the Ralph’s World tour is coming back to the House of Blueses West Hollywood and Anaheim on their (his?) Rice Krispies/HoB-sponsored tour. (I’ve gotta think that’s a sponsorship pairing that doesn’t come up too much, but we went to both shows on the first leg and I can guarantee you you will in fact see Snap, Crackle, and Pop right there on the stage.)

What is Ralph’s World, you ask, those of you who don’t watch Playhouse Disney or have any musician friends in the greater Chicago area?

That would be the children’s music wing of what appears to be the Ralph Covert multigenre creative empire. Three out of three people in our household agree that by far it’s the most fun you can have listening to music targeted to small children. You, the adult, will possibly even listen to it out of the presence of your spawn, although maybe not so much on purpose as that you are driving along singing loudly and having a fine old time when you suddenly realize, “Hey! This isn’t one of my CDs! I could be listening to anything I want right now!” If I may describe something imaginary that has certainly never happened to me, nope, no siree.

The website linked above is generous with its audio samples, so feel free to check my claim out thoroughly before purchasing tickets, which you may do at the HoB box office or at Ticketmaster.

As on the first leg of the tour, your child will have the opportunity to meet Snap, Crackle, Pop and Ralph himself. And this time, they’ve come up with a marketing angle so clever that I can only assume it was the final task on this season’s The Apprentice: get there early enough and they will feed your children Rice Krispies, for free!

(Hey, do they have soy milk or rice milk available for that? Inquiring minds want to know.)

Not necessary, though; my kid hasn’t wanted any other cereal since the early, sample-free concerts.

I’m mocking the whole corporate-strategizing thing because I am physically incapable of stopping myself, but seriously, the concerts are a blast. The CDs are worth every penny. And the “Say Hello” DVD will keep even my mere-television-cannot-hold-my-attention boy quietly amused, if you need to get stuff done or have a conversation with your spouse or some crazy indulgent thing like that.

If you have a House of Blues within driving distance, there’s probably a tour date near you.

2 Comments  to  Ralph’s World SoCal dates

  1. Brad says:

    Hey Elizabeth,

    Just followed a link in a SmartToons message and found your blog! Great to follow some of your trials of parenthood.

    We’ve been big fans of Ralph Covert in our house for quite a few years. I’m glad to see he’s getting the notice that he deserves. We caught him in Chicago last summer!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Brad! Nice to see you!

    I haven’t publicized this too much yet – I’m trying to get all the links in place before I tell everyone – but sometimes I forget I put that one in my .sigfile collection already.

    I haven’t listened to any non-kid-targeted Ralph stuff yet, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do. Do you think there’s a particularly good starting place?