Waterloo Sunset performances, chapter 2: Terry Reid.

This was the YouTube find that inspired me to create this site. English vocalist/guitarist Terry Reid, sort of a rock child prodigy in the late ’60s, was famously the first choice to front Led Zeppelin (he recommended Robert Plant for the job instead) and, since then, has become not anywhere near as successful as he should be, due to an astonishing run of bad luck that I won’t attempt to recount here. The silver lining here, at least for some of us, is that we get to see him play small clubs now and then – a prospect that, based on talent-to-square-foot ratio, is unthinkable. (For LA-based readers: He’ll be at McCabe’s on Feb. 13.) Terry’s version of Waterloo Sunset is, I’m estimating based on glimpsed band members, from about 5 years ago.

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